Artsnacks from the past 4 months

as you already know, I am subscribed to Artsnacks, where every month I get new art supplies in the mail. It's pretty cool and above are my artsnacks from February - May in order from top to bottom.


Art stores is my happy place

Monday I purchased some new art supplies for myself and for my artwork of course . It always feels good and makes me happy when I have new art stuff :) Besides bookstores, art stores are one of my favorite places to shop at!

Its almost Friday! Can't wait to get creating.


artist block

when you want to pull out all of your art stuff, watercolors, pens, paper, paint, pencils, but no ideas come to mind. I hate that.


January's artsnacks

Sharing my art supplies for this month I got from ArtSnacks :) It is a monthly subscription like a magazine but instead it is an art subscription for artists with some very neat and good quality supplies for us to experiment with. I really am glad I decided to subscribe. Shown above in the picture I got a Zig watercolor brusH2o, a faber-castell ink artist pen, an Irojiten color pencil and  M. Graham & Co artists' watercolor paint. These new art supplies and the past ones I've gotten have been very useful when I work on my art. It's great :) and anyone interested should check it out!


Sailor's blue whale

"Sailor's blue whale"

Here's another piece by me that I decided to redo. I am really aiming on getting positive results from this and have some plans I want to pursue in getting this to happen. One of them is open an etsy shop and sell some prints of mine and see where that goes, and I really hope it goes well because I am really excited to get started on that. I really want to have more time to work on my art, but for now I only have the weekends to do that. I am very excited the weekend is here though. I want to make a trip to the art store and get more supplies for this plan of mine and just to get started! I feel this year is going to be a good year and I feel very happy about it.


Tortoise and the hare

"tortoise and the hare"

Like I've said before, art is my passion and I would love nothing more to share it with you, whoever you may be, readers or no readers. I'm just working on my art as much as I can, to get it out there, make you smile or even to inspire other artists. It may be a slow start at first but I am very excited for the journey and to see how far I can achieve this to go. This piece is one of my favorites, done with watercolor and ink. Looking forward to sharing more!


art is very important to me i think its my happiness and i wouldn't be any happier than to find a job where i can be surrounded by it and make art. sometimes at my current job i'm like.. "what am i doing here?" now i just got to step it up this year and work hard to get my dream job and a nice home to live in with my significant other <3


it's a new year

i've reappeared. my blogging hasn't been very consistent. I just leave things started and undone. today marks the last day of 2013. A whole year went by right before my eyes and 2014 is just hours away now. I'll say this year has its bad and good moments. Just more life experiences to help me grow as a person and find myself even more in who I want to be or who I am. SO far its been a good end to this year and I am very looking forward to see what 2014 has in store for me. I hope good things, and I hope to accomplish many things, goals and dreams. I hope to continue having a happy relationship with my loved one, continue being healthy and continue having a clear and positive mind. I'm not one to start new year resolutions, but there are indeed things I want to stick to such as work harder and have motivation towards my art career. It's all about having the right mind and having inner strength and believing in yourself. I wish everyone a very happy new year. Hope it brings you good things.


im not dead
im as alive as a withered plant
once green now yellow
some water and its good as new
hello the holidays are here! a day away till i fly home for Christmas to be with the parents, eat tamales and other holiday goodies and give each other presents. Hope everyone has a great time!


A song from the dark side

drowning myself in songs so blue
tears are born
and i die
and lose myself